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Spa Bali Ubud Visesa

Spa Bali Ubud Visesa
Spa Bali Ubud Visesa is a wonderful place to be pampered when comprehensive healing began. Visesa Ubud philosophy resort is based on the original Balinese principles of Asada, the traditional knowledge of the treatment of diseases with the use of Ayurvedic medicinal plants, spices and spices. 

They use the combination of ginger, turmeric, papaya, rice powder and many other natural ingredients that blend harmoniously with masks. The Visesa Resort Spa is an original concept that offers a gentle treat with a beautiful attention while providing a unique opportunity to hold private consultations with the renowned Bali therapist. 
Spa Bali Ubud Visesa
The five natural caves have been set in Spa Bali Ubud Visesa with views around the mystical forest place to enjoy the exclusive signature treatments that symbolize the five elements. Those are fire (Teja), Earth (Earth), Air (Father), Air (Baio) and Space (Akasha) Balance energy levels to reduce tension and deep relaxation. 

You can now book this spa place easily on Spaongo. Balinese-style cottages are a charming place to experience a happy feeling with beautiful scenery in the rice fields. The healing body treatments, natural rituals and aesthetics are offered by our qualified therapists at the heart of our green haven. The outdoor spa bath features a relaxing outdoor time.

Close to Spa Bali Ubud Visesa, guests are invited to savor fresh, healthy drinks that come from the ancestral recipe. Made from raw plant extracts sweetened with honey, their traditional "Jamu" drink is designed to purify the body, increase energy, reduce inflammation and lose weight. 

The beautiful bamboo structure, Tiba Visesa is a convenient place to balance your body and mind with a blessing ceremony and take a unique opportunity to hold a private consultation with the renowned Bali healer. The Tiba Visesa is also a perfect location to pamper with calming leg reflections and nail care overlooking the river. 

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